Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The BEST BB Cream! (that isn't even a BB cream!)

Okay, I have found a new Holy Grail product!

   I have searched high and low for a BB cream that WORKS for me. The closest I came was UD's Naked BB, and it was a tad too orange. :-(  It also had much too sheer of coverage, even for a BB. I liked Too Faced, Tarte, and Ole Henricksen, but none of them were the greatest match, colour-wise or coverage-wise, and they tended to gather in my fine lines and wrinkles.

   Coincidentally, I also happened to be on the hunt for my perfect SPF. I had no way of knowing that in finding my perfect SPF, I would be discovering a facial miracle. I am not exaggerating. Not one bit!

   My requirements for SPF are high, and after reading up on the downside of chemical SPF's, I knew I needed a sunscreen that was free of this type of chemical cocktail sun "protection". So, I did what I always do- I scoured reviews! Created a line-up of "to-try's" and went to tryin'. :-)

   When I found an obscure, chemical-free facial sunscreen that had 4.8 out of five stars, I knew it was a must try. However, there were only 40 reviews on this product.  Still, the review were SO good! I went for it!
OH. MY. STARS. (!) I found Cōtz Sunscreen SPF 40 for face. This is THE BEST SPF I have ever used. It is matte, tinted, evens out my skin tone, basically does EVERYTHING a BB claims to do, BETTER than any BB I've tried. Yes. THAT good! It is $19.99, and worth EVERY PENNY!

   If you have been on the lookout for a BB, one that doesn't exaggerate dryness nor increase oiliness, one that appears matte yet not "dead", try Cōtz SPF 40 sunscreen!!! It is perfection in a tube!!

It is INCREDIBLY waterproof, also. Stays on through blood, sweat, and tears. (Okay, tears and sweat at least, I didn't test out blood... :-P ) Give Cōtz a try, I know I love it enough to forgive it's minimal "tacky" feeling, and once you see the results, I believe you may be able to look past that small issue as well. Because this stuff just LOOKS LIKE SKIN! Fresh, beautiful, pore-minimizing, non-chemical, aaaaaannnndddd... DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED!

   What are you waiting for? Grab it! Tell me what you think! :-)

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