Monday, November 18, 2013

SEPHORA Exclusive- Origins Skincare Must Haves!

This set is my FIRST experience with Origins...
 ... and I am overjoyed! :-D My skin looks (and feels!) five years younger, after only two weeks!

It comes with 1.7 oz. each of :
Checks and Balances Frothy FaceWash
Modern Friction- Nature's gentle dermabrasion
Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
A full-size (.5 oz.) GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
1 oz. of GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer

Sephora's exclusive 5-piece Origins kit.
Contents of Sephora's Origins Skincare Must Haves kit.

   I received my kit almost two weeks ago, but wanted to use it enough to know if it was a hit or a miss.
I don't need to wait a second longer to share how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS this set is! Incredible value, plus products that complement eachother? Yes, PLEASE! :-D
I have used Checks and Balances morning and evening. I will admit at first I did not like the feel of my skin after washing with this cleanser. Not the first time, not the second time. Around the third use, I realized that the strange feeling my face had after washing was a GOOD thing! :-P Instead of feeling not fully cleansed, it felt cleansed and PROTECTED. Plus, only a tiny bit is needed (think pea-sized dollop- REALLY!). Not to mention, no break-out from use. WIN!

   The Charcoal Mask was the second product I tried. I did as the instructions said, held moist heat to my face to open pores, then "layered" it on...
Sooo, I applied and let dry. :-) 
It felt awesome on! Plus, I looked really ridiculous, which made my husband and son smile (Meaning, laughing until they couldn't breathe...). When I rinsed it off, oh. My. GOODNESS! My skin not only looked amazing, it FELT amazing! I had to consciously remind myself to keep from just stroking my cheeks- lol- THAT amazing!

   GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer was Love At First Application! It barely take any of this gorgeous-smelling product to smooth across your entire face! In fact, I ended up being able to smooth the excess down my neck, which I probably better start caring for, before it's too late! haha ;-) So, the scent is somewhat like Olé Henricksen's Vitamin C serum, kind of dreamsicle-y. Not overpowering, just soft, subtle, pretty. Scent fades upon drying/soaking in. I have used this A.M. and P.M., with pretty astonishing results. Not only did I not break out, but my skin has the suppleness restored! I LITERALLY woke up the first morning after using this, smiled at myself in the mirror, and about passed out! My skin just looked so... so... YOUNG! This moisturizer is a HIT!

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

   On to the GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream. This stuff is intended for morning use. I'm only using it in the A.M., and it DOES de-puff my under-eye area pretty quickly. I read in other review that some gals thought this had shimmer... and it may. I don't notice any shimmer, but I DO notice my eye area improving in appearance AND texture! I can see a significant improvement in my dark under eye area already, and I fully expect to continue seeing improvement. Another Hit for me!

   Modern Friction. I just LOVE the name! :-P This is an insanely good exfoliater! It is meant to be applied to a clean, dry face. FYI, TOTALLY AVOID THE EYE AREA! Omg just do as I say... No need to exfoliate our eyeballs, right, ladies? :-) 
So, another amazing product. My skin now looks improved in texture, "glow", radiance (is that the same as "glow"?), moisture, and altogether tone!

  Am I glad I bought this? UNDERSTATEMENT EXTRAORDINAIRE! OMG I've been looking for a good skincare line for eons. I've been through everything from Neutrogena to Preváge (oh dear, I must share my experience with Preváge!) with nothing improving my skin like I had hoped. In fact, as was the case with Preváge, my skin was far WORSE after use... So, imagine my joy to find a brand that is more natural than most, that is WAYYY more effective than most!

Overall, Origins Skincare Must Haves are just that- MUST HAVES!!! Skin clearing, moisturizing, youth-restoring little MIRACLES. Not to mention, the price point on these products is totally do-able, so... If you're looking for a new skincare line, I HIGHLY recommend this little set. The sizes are VERY generous, and should last at least a month or two. I plan on using the Charcoal 1-2x/week, and Modern Friction 1-2x/week as well. Checks and Balances every A.M. and P.M., followed by the GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer, and in the A.M. the eye cream. 

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