Friday, October 18, 2013

The BEST Make-up Removers!

Hi LadyFriends!

   Thought I'd give you a little feedback on some EXCELLENT makeup removers! I love waterproof makeup, but as you know, even non-waterproof makeup can sometimes be difficult to remove! I have tried everything, from wipes to pads to gels to liquids. You name it, I've probably tried it! The two removers I will be discussing I have found to be the most effective, AND very gentle- important to me, since I am 35 and like to be delicate with my eye area. I don't like having to tug and pull and rub at my eye area.

   The two removers that are my Holy Grail are Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover, and Maybelline's Flash Clean.

   They are both creamy, lotion-based removers. I must be honest, there are very few differences in these two removers. I purchased Meltdown in desperation the day after I bought UD's Cannonball Mascara, and if you are familiar with Cannonball, you probably know how incredibly waterproof it actually is. I wore it (Cannonball) through a day of swimming and activity, and come evening, I went to wash my face aaaaaannnnddd... Cannonball stayed put. I even used my oil-based remover pads, to no avail. So, I slept in my mascara and first thing in the morning went and purchased Meltdown- I HAD to get it off somehow! However, I suffered severe sticker shock, as $24.00 is a LOT for a remover.

   Meltdown is lovely. For one thing, is smells FAN-TABULOUS! It does not sting my eyes, and just a very gentle massage pulls all of the black mascara into the lotion, which is then easily wiped off with a soft tissue.

   Flash Clean is also lovely. It also does not sting my eyes. A gentle massaging motion also pulls the black mascara into the lotion, and it is also easily wiped off with a soft tissue. However, Flash Clean has no Fantabulous smell. It actually seems to have NO scent at all.

   Between the two, there is one drastic difference- the PRICE POINT! Maybelline Flash Clean is $4.97 at Walmart, and you get 4 ounces of product. UD's Meltdown is $24.00 before taxes, for 2.5 ounces of product. I don't like spending unnecessary money on a product. I would rather pay the $5.00 for remover, and use my money for things such as sunscreen, eye-shadow, eyeliners, blushes, lippies... I mean, nobody sees your remover except you. Meltdown smells nice, but do you really need your eye makeup remover to smell like flowers?

   Between these two awesome products, I prefer Flash Clean. I DO adore UD's Meltdown, but I just can't justify the cost, especially considering you get significant more product with Flash Clean. If you've money coming out your ears, by all means, Meltdown is FAB! However, if you are like me, and prefer to use your money for "the pretties", Maybelline's Flash Clean is cheap and effective.

Have a great day! :-)


  1. I love that you did a drugstore versus department store comparison, it was very informative and I totally agree, no one sees your make-up remover, it doesn't seem as splurgeworthy as some other guilty pleasures I have ;) Thanks girl!!!!

    1. ;-) Totally welcome! I thought the performance was so similar between the two brands, and the price so drastically different that it would be a good bit of advice. Thanks for checking me out! I'm sure having a lot of fun with this! Xoxox!