Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why I HEART Sephora's Point Perk System!

Hey there, friends! 
   This post is a VERY happy post for me, because these awesome little "perks" are, essentially, FREE! :-) I have been saving my perk points until the absolute perfect, made-for-me perks came around... So, if you are trying to decide if you should hang onto your points, or GO FOR IT!  You may find this post helpful.

My 500 pt. Bobbi perk, 250 pt. Miss Dior perk, and 100 pt. Urban Decay perk!
   Okay, so I've saved my points for three years (!) and finally figured I needed to splurge! I saw the UD Revolution baby-size lippie, and promptly fell in looooove! I picked it up because I'd hit 600 points, and wanted to keep 500 for that perfect 500 pt. perk. I wore this shade, Catfight, to the fair. This color LASTS! I'm not kidding. Funnel cakes, corndogs, soda... This little lippie has some SERIOUS staying power PLUS beautiful bold bright color that refuses to budge. Love, love, love...

Urban Decays Revolution Lipstick in Catfight. This was my first perk. :-) 

   Now, Miss Dior. This was my most recent perk, I had received a sample of this with my last Sephora order. I love it because it is WAY different than my "usual" fragrance choices. I'll have to dedicate a post to my favorite fragrances! I like a full wardrobe of scent. Ok, back to the subject. Miss Dior almost reminds me of a Men's cologne, but for women. It's softer. A little flowery-er. Yet I still associate its scent with Men's cologne, in a GOOD way! Like, you know the 80's woman's power suit? THIS is the fragrance version. :-)

Ohhhhh, Miss Dior! 250 points that I will NEVER regret parting with!

   Now, I saved the BEST for last! I was lucky enough to pick up Bobbi to Go. Having had my eye on the Laura Mercier perk for complexion, I only had to hesitate a moment before I made my decision! I ordered a random, non-necessary hair tie in order to redeem this perk- and boy, am I glad I did! Everything about this adorable, baby-sized palette is perfect for me! I will enjoy this little treasure immensely. The shadows are sooo pretty, I especially love the shimmer wash one, it makes my green eyes SO green! Another plus is this tiny palette comes with an ACTUAL BRUSH for the shadows, not a sponge! So appreciated, and it is totally functional! :-)  The blush looks like such a bright pink, and it definitely is pink, but it is very, very wearable. I will add a swatch picture to this post soon, that way you can see the colors (on skin) for yourself. The mascara is an amazing mascara for a natural look. It has a VERY tiny brush- think Lash Discovery size meets Great Lash shape, and this is what you get. The eye cream I have been using nightly since I received the kit, and I can tell you one thing, this is the first eye cream that has lived up to its promises! Which, in all likelihood, is due to the fact that it ONLY CLAIMS TO BE HYDRATING. And guess what? It IS. I love it!

The contents of my 500 pt. Bobbi to Go perk!
The beautiful neutral eye-shadow, and the beautiful blush that may LOOK bam-kapow bright, but suits me PERFECTLY, it is softer that in appears in the pan.
   If you've had your eye on any of these perks, grab'em up! They are FABULOUS!

Hope you've enjoyed my li'l review of Sephora's recent perks! Have a great, God-blessed day, fellow beauty lovers! Xoxoxox! -Beezy


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    1. Me, too! Totally worth hoarding my points! :-D

  2. It's nice isn't it. I think my favorite part is the eye cream, it's so lovely. But the blush is gorgeous as well, definitely bright in the pan but so pretty on! While I'm not a huge fan of the mascara alone, I like it to de-clump when I need it to! And that UD mini lippie is too cute. Thanks for sharing. I'll be following your blog lots now! <3 Amber

    1. :-) Welcome, Amber! I'm glad you enjoyed this post, I had fun making it. I like the idea of using the Bobbi mascara to de-clump, I hadn't thought of that, but it is DEFINITELY a good idea! I like it for bottom lashes, as well. Thank you for following! XOXOX! -Beezy