Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An Unexpected LOVE- UD's Glinda Palette!

   I don't know how many times I saw the Glinda palette, and paid it no mind. Only when I found it in the Sale section did I give it a second thought, so, I did what I do... I researched it! Then I purchased it.
   Boy, oh, boy am I glad I did! :-D Here is the "Glinda look", exactly as the enclosed "look card" instructed.
What do you think? :-)


This palette is SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm truly blown away by the perfection that is Glinda. I cannot BELIEVE I almost missed out on this- I didn't think it was all that special... Could NOT have been more WRONG!
I seem to be having issues arranging my pictures, please bear with me, I'm blogging on my Nexus 7, as my laptops are out of commission ATM.

Glinda (daylight)

Glinda (artificial light)
OK, first the Super-Saturated Jumbo lip pencil. I already know and love this formula, and this shade, Glinda (a.k.a. Naked;-) ) did NOT disappoint! Out of the shades I own, I think Glinda (Naked) is one of the longer-lasting colors in this form. I do believe this will be my most-used Super Saturated! It has a sheen to it, unlike the other pencils I have. Not glittery/metallic like Adrenaline, yet not the cream finish of Lovechild, Glinda has a finish all her own! To be honest, I was reminded of my Momma's 80's frosted lipsticks at first! :-P Undeterred, I applied it, let it "set", and it didn't budge ALL DAY! The finish really grew on me, and it is SO not transferrable! 

Rockstar (artificial light)
Rock star (daylight)

The 24/7 Eye Pencil in Rockstar is beautiful. I had heard it was good for green-eyed gals, and I oh-so-agree! However, I think this is a beautiful liner that will enhance any eye color, especially when used in conjunction with the shadows in this palette.  

Ahhh... The shadows. Dear Lord, the SHADOWS! :-D 

Aaand, I am TOTALLY disappointed with my swatch pictures. All apologies, I will replace these pics with better ones as soon as I have my camera to use again. However, I will post the swatches anyways, just KNOW that they aren't showing the beauty of the colors as they should. 

Tornado, Aura(violet iridescent), Aura(peachy-rose iridescent), and Magic.

Illusion, Oz(silver w/ silver sparkle), Oz(gold w/ gold sparkle), and South.

This shot shows the iridescence of the Aura shadows pretty well. :-) 

SOOO, I'm in love. :-)  I think I need a backup Glinda! :-D Every color is amazing. 
The only issue I have had is a tiny bit of fallout. The beautiful results of Urban Decay's shadows have turned me into an eyes-before-face kind of gal- I used to do my face makeup first, but I must be honest and let you know fallout may be an issue with Glinda, so you may want to do your eyes first, or use loose powder that you can sweep away after you finish your eyes. I find it easiest to just do eyes first. :-) 

Glinda is my idea of perfection!

Well, friends, I know this review is late in the game, but Glinda is on sale for $24 at urbandecay.com right now! Take advantage- I did!
Love y'all!
Xoxoxox! -Beez

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